Release Notes for Paradise OS Alpha 1

Hello, everyone! Paradise OS is now available as an ALPHA release which can be downloaded from Sourceforge. The ISO is currently compressed into a ZIP file, which saves you just a little bit download time. The regular ISO will be available soon. You can get the download here.

Paradise OS Release Notes

  1. General Operating System Information

    1. Release and Version Information

      Paradise OS – Alpha 1 (reports itself as “Custom” when run on a computer).

      Released to the public on December 5, 2011.

    2. Warranty and License

      This software contains components by Canonical, Ltd., the MATE Desktop Environment, The Gnome Project, and others. Paradise OS may contain some non-open source software. All closed-source and proprietary software is governed by its own licensing agreements and terms of use.

This software is provided with NO WARRANTY whatsoever to the fullest extent allowed by law. Users of Paradise OS hereby agree not hold Chris Kildegaard, Canonical, Ltd., the MATE Desktop Environment, The Gnome Project, or any other software companies/developers directly or indirectly responsible or liable for any damages of any kind.

Paradise OS is licensed under the GNU General Public License, which can be found at

  1. What’s New?

    Paradise OS Alpha 1 is a Linux Distribution based on Ubuntu 11.10. Some additions and customizations have been made that differentiate Paradise OS from the standard Ubuntu 11.10 system:

    – MATE Desktop Environment (Gnome 2 Fork) added.

    – MATE made default Desktop Environment in login screen.

    – Gnome Do added for speedy access to programs, preferences, documents, etc.

    – Xchat IRC added.

    – Chess program added.

  2. System Requirements

    The System Requirements are the same as those for Ubuntu 11.10:

    – 700 MHz x86 processor

    – 5 GB free hard disk space.

    – 384 MB of RAM.

    Source: Wikipedia.

  3. Known Issues, Limitations, Restrictions, and Bugs

    – Customizations like installed themes and wallpapers for both Desktop Environments have not stayed in place in the ISO file.

    – Error is shown each time user logs in to MATE Desktop Environment. As far as I know, it is safe to ignore the error, but if anyone knows how to resolve it, it would be appreciated.

    – Only the core components of MATE Desktop Environment are installed—screensavers, battery applet, volume control, and other major components are not included. However, these components can be compiled if desired.

    – The “Appearance Preferences” in MATE Desktop Environment report missing theme engines and GTK+ packages which may make themes display incorrectly. Changing the theme may break the MATE panels.

  4. Installing Paradise OS Alpha 1

    Paradise OS presents a GRUB boot screen upon being booted from the Live CD. The installer can be accessed via the Live CD mode or the Installer function (either of which can be selected from the GRUB boot screen). The installer is the stock Ubiquity installer, except that no slideshow is present during the installation. There are no known issues with the installer included in Paradise OS.

  5. In Summary

    This is an Alpha release. This release of Paradise OS is provided for testing and development purposes only and is not intended for everyday use. Please treat this system as a work in progress. Solutions to any of the above known issues would be most appreciated.


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