Paradise OS Governance and Community Guidelines

Paradise OS – Governance and Community Guidelines
***This is a DRAFT of the Governance and Community Guidelines Document for Paradise OS, and shall be put into place when,and if, oversight by the existing community confirms it to be sufficient to meet the goals and needs of the project. Rewrites of this documentation shall be made by the Project Coordinator until existing community oversight finds the above condition to hold true. The Project Coordinator, however, reserves the right to make modifcations to this document as necessary for the continued success and integrity of the project.***

Project Goals
The Paradise OS Project has several goals, including:
The promotion and betterment of Linux and open source software as a whole.
Providing an Ubuntu-based distribution that uses the Mate Desktop Environment as its main interface.
Giving users choice, flexibility, and customizabilty without compromising ease of use.
Creating a collaborative, respectful, and open community of users, developers, artists, and enthusiasts can, by way of self-governance and cooperation, create a project that themselves and others can enjoy.

Project Coordinator
The Project Coordinator, sometimes referred to as a Self Appointed Benevolent Dictator For Life (SABDFL) in other distributions, shall be responsible for coordinating efforts, and facilitating discussions, as well as playing a critical role in governance. It shall be made clear that this is NOT a dictatorship, and this is NOT a meritocracy. The Project Coordinator shall oversee the development of the distribution, the interactions within the community, and the making of decisions among community members.

The Role of The Community
The Community shall, in accordance with the Project Goals and other provisions outlined in this document, be responsible for decision making regarding the software and artwork included in the distribution, branding, and etc. Any member of The Community shall have the ability and authority to submit bug reports, comments, artwork, and suggestions regarding software, artwork, branding, and etc.

Powers Shared by The Community and The Project Coordinator
The Community and the Project Coordinator shall be encouraged to work on elements of the project including artwork, development, etc. in groups. The Community and Project Coordinator may do so in a non-official (not officially recognized as a committe or team by The Community) capacity without prior permission or oversight of any kind. The Community and the Project Coordinator shall have the power, following approval of the Project Coordinator, to create committees or teams to work collaboratively and cooperatively towards a common goal (e.g. creating artwork, branding the project, accomplishing a specific technical goal, etc.).

Determining What is up for Votes
The Community, and Project Coordinator shall, in an organized fashion decided upon by the Project Coordinator, have tha ability to make suggestions and ideas about software, artowkr, branding, and etc. Suggestions and ideas which seem to be agreed upon by multiple community members may be put up for vote at the same or later date, at the discretion of the Project Coordinator. Suggestions and ideas created by the Project Coordinator may be put up for vote without any form of secondary recognition or nomination by The Community. The Project Coordinator shall have the power to veto decisions of The Community in the event that the outcome of these decisions is found to be impractical, inefficient, ineffective, or infeasible.

Community Guidelines
The Community shall be open to all people over age thirteen, who shall be considered equal regardless of age, sex, gender identity, race, religion, non-religious belief system or philosophy, sexual orinetation, etc. Differences in opinion and viewpoint shall be respected, however personal attacks shall not be tolerated. No member of The Community, nor the Project Coordinator, shall engage in any attack, hate crime, or disrespectful act against any member of The Community or the Project Coordinator for reasons falling into any of the categories listed above. Members of The Community found to be in violation of this guideline may be barred from participation in interaction from The Community including forums, wikis, development, artwork submission, suggestion and idea submission, voting, etc. Flame wars, spamming, etc. shall not be tolerated. All content posted on any site overseen by The Paradise OS Project shall be appropriate for someone as young as age 13. This is a software project community, not an adult-only community for use in sharing adult-rated content.


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