Alpha 2.1: Development Update

Hello everyone! I realize that the project is progressing very slowly, and I do apologize–I have a severe lack of time and therefore can’t work too quickly (which is why the community is very important–so that we can ALL help the project succeed). In any case, I am currently working on Paradise OS Alpha 2.1. You may be wondering what the .1 signifies. The answer is that I started working on Alpha 2 using a regular Ubuntu 11.10 installation, but it was then brought to my attention that it would be more flexible and feasible to work with the Minimal Install instead. With any luck, this will reduce the size of the ISO image. In addition, this release will also lack the Unity interface (although it can easily be added again by way of a metapackage available in Synaptic). I have experienced a setback, as I broke my build environment by issuing a bunch of incorrect terminal commands. This will mean starting over again essentially on Alpha 2.1, but I’m hoping it won’t be too much longer.



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